What do Geraniums attract?

schnookableMay 20, 2013

Just wondering what types of critters Geraniums will attract this summer. Geraniums are located in a Southern Ontario garden. I have Rozanne and the usual wanna-be geraniums, pelargoniums.


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I have a cranesbill and hate it. I've cut it way back and may soon get rid of it all together. It blooms for a short while and then spreads it's seeds all over the place. I get tired of pulling them out. I have never seen any bird or bee near the flowers.

I grow lots of zonal geraniums and hanging Geraniums and love them. They are showy. Root from cuttings and never send out any volunteers. They attract hummingbirds --especially the red ones--and bees.

So you keep your Cranesbill Geraniums and I'll keep my zonals

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Hey Dowlinggram!

The cranesbill and the zonal are both showy me. I grew up with plenty of zonal geraniums but never really took notice to what types of critters they attract. I have heard about the hummingbirds. Looking forward to watching the bees as well. Thanks for the response!

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Mine attract hummers also....

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