shade? on hardy geraniums help please

karen_mcgaffney(5BOH)May 31, 2005

Hi..I have woodland geranium in my pretty shady woodland area and it is blooming..would varieties like splish splash, johnsons blue, patricia etc do ok under the same conditions?

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Hmmmm. I wouldn't think so, Karen...
But you could try cultivars from the following families of geraniums :
- geranium phaeum
- geranium monacence
- geranium sylvaticum
- geranium nodosum
- geranium versicolor even...
And G. asphodeloides is pretty floriferous in the shade I have offered it, shade with a good amount of light I mean...similar recommendation for Rozanne.

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It can be hard to find (mail order is how I got mine), but geranium orientaltibeticum does really well in shade and makes a slow growing, but still vigorous variegated groundcover of leaves with pinkish purple flowers sporadically most of the season.


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leo_prairie_view(2B Manitoba)

G.macrorrhizum needs shade to thrive, as I have found after loosing the tree that shaded them before. They are not looking very happy on sunny days now.

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ShirleyD(z4b WI)

I have Johnson's Blue, Rosanne and Shocking Blue all planted in a northwest location. They don't get any sun until late afternoon. All of them are doing great! Lots of flowers on all of them. They were a little late sprouting this year (I was getting a little worried) but once they came up they took off like crazy!

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eden_in_me(5a Maine)

Macrorrhizums seem to grow profilicly under all conditions here, altho most of mine are in the sunnier areas. I've been trying divisions several different types I have in my new shade garden, but it is too soon to have the results.

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