Help- Did I kill my Geraniums?

leaholsonMay 17, 2012

Hi, A hanging geranium basket that I divided yesterday looks very limp and ill. I'm not sure what I did wrong. I am hoping to fix my mistake before the plants die completely.

Here is what I did: I purchased a very large hanging geranium basket to be separated for use in my window box. I brought it home, untangled the plant and gently pulled apart the roots of the three plans. I planted them in the window box and watered well. It rained after I planted. I blotted the blooms and flowers with paper towels.

Today all of the blooms are laying flat and the leaves are limp and soft. Is there any hope?

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Most likely transplant shock. You don't say where you are located but separating plants in basket now that have grown together since early spring is generally a recipe for some major shock and root disruption. That combined with any weather issues can certainly create stress and cause the symptoms you describe. Just keep the plants well but not over watered. They should recover.

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Absolutely transplant shock. I would strongly recommend pinching off the existing blooms, so the plants energy goes back into recovering.

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I'd hazard a guess that the plant bought was a young one...possibly grown that year in a greenhouse and its roots are not all that strong. Then you separated them --possibly you did this opation in the sunlight---and the plant went into shock. Any plant so divided in daylight without first being given water--might act the same way.

All you can do is make sure the roots are established in soil that drains well. Many window boxes do not drain well--they harbor wet and when you watered, then it rained, well there's not much to say for the poor roots.

They'll come back---geraniums are pretty tough, but don't drown them and make sure the container they're in drains well.
Don't fertilize them into submission...let them get going first, produce new leaves, before feeding them.

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