P. 'Prince Rupert'--how much heat can it take?

LauraKM(7 Memphis)May 8, 2007

Just bought Pelargonium 'Prince Rupert' in a 2-inch pot and I was hoping to repot and then keep it outside. Memphis has intense summer heat and I don't want it to fry. Do I need to keep it inside, or outside in shade? Would love to put it on my west-facing sidewalk. I just returned a Martha Washington because I did read that those just can't tolerate the heat. Anyone else have the Prince outside?

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Geraniums originate from the hot regions of south Africa and can handle really high temperatures. If kept well watered they will never wilt like most other bedding plants, but that doesn't mean they will look good all summer.
Usually 2 to 3 weeks with high temperatures during the day and night will result in yellowing of the folliage. To avoid that, when temperatures rise, give your geranium not more than 4 hours of direct sunlight and light shade during the hot afternoons.
I'm not sure how summer weather is like in there (I live in Brazil), but if summer is really hot, even doing the things I listed above, by late summer your geranium won't look as good as it does now.
If you plan on keeping your plant inside the house, make sure to place it in a very bright spot (it likes high light levels, and leaving it in a dark room will make it lose buds and new leaves).

Whatever you decide to do, just keep your plant health and when cool spring weather arrives it will look amazing again!

Sorry for my poor english!

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LauraKM(7 Memphis)

Thank you so much for the advice. It does stay 90-100 F here most of the summer, with high humidity. I will keep it outside in the bright shade until it does get that warm, then bring it inside for about a month, then put it outside again. We have a sunroom which will be perfect for it. But it is good to know that it can take a bit of heat. I appreciate your help. Your english is excellent!

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