msaudie(z4 WI)May 5, 2008

I am sad to say my two tree geraniums did not make it through the winter. I have saved them for the last 3-4 years and this year I took the advice of someone on this forum and trimmed them back before taking them into the basement. I can't be sure that is what caused the problem but I am really sad.

Is a tree geranium different from a regular plant and/or only bigger?

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I'm not sure. I did the same w/mine and lost all 5 of them. I so dislike having to start them all over again. heart broken that they are gone.
I can't ever get any response for anyone on this forum. May be it is just me. lol.
Guess I'll see what some of the stores around here have to offer this year.

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mehearty(So ME z5a)

I don't have tree geraniums, but I have ivies. I bring them inside in the winter and keep them in a sunny window. They got huge this year, and are putting out blooms. My family is sick of huge plants in the breakfast nook. lol I'll not do the basement thing ever again if I can help it.

Here are a couple (one is with callibrachoa). They could obviously use some pruning/shaping. These aren't the big ones, but I snapped the pic because I liked it.

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oh I just love them. So pretty and green "life". I had a plant like the one in the front of your pic w/med purple color.
As well none of mine were the tree type. But still I wont try that method ever again. I will do a lot more research before winter comes around again and try to keep them in the house some how.
Love you plants, The white stand in the pic also. lol.

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I've been overwintering my geraniums for about 10 years now. Just put them in a sunny window and water once a week. They are huge, bloom all winter, go outside again in the summer. It is a large sliding glass door that faces directly east southeast, direct sun most of the day. Everything goes in that window, impatiens, begonias, tomato seedlings, etc.


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Mehearty, your ivy geraniums are gorgeous. Where on earth did you find them? The only types of geraniums they sell here are single, zonal and seeded.

I once tried overwintering geraniums in the basement, too, never again. Now they live in a bright window, in a cool room. Summered outdoors.
My family are used to plants being all over the house..I tell them, it's to beautify our home..LOL..good enough reason...Toni

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mehearty(So ME z5a)

Thank you. =)

I found them at a local nursery last spring, and they were small little guys at the time. I started calling nurseries all around my area that winter to see if they were going to carry them Otherwise, I would have ordered some seeds.

It's so nice to have some color inside during the winter, isn't it?

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Wish I had a south/west window, Hummm... maybe I could have some one knock a hole in that big ole brick wall and have a window?? Doubt it. oh well it was a thought. I don't know if I will be able to keep them alive in my bedroom window all winter. I is a south window, but it has a tree that blocks light until around 1 p.m. It does loose all the leaves but its really big. I need to figure out what I will do with my new plants this winter. I don't want to loose them again.
Where you kept yours in the house. Was it cool by your window? my room is about 70. maybe if I close off the vent part way?

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Mehearty, yes, it's wonderful having 'spring' indoors during cold, snowy, winter days.
In your opinion, would you say the ivy's are more difficult than standard geraniums? There is an online nursery that sells all types of Geraniums, but don't know if they have variegated, AND with purple flowers (like yours)..I'm going to write the owner and ask. LOL

Bonnie, do you have a west window? A west window will work fine..I wouldn't bother in a north, and an east is iffy. A Geranium would thrive in a bright east, but don't know if it'd flower. Variegated leaves need more light than green..
Last winter a piece broke off one Geranium, so I set in a 4" pot and placed in a cold room, on the bottom shelf of a south window..it rooted and bloomed all winter..
The original container has 4 different colored flowers. That too stays in a south window, but it's not all that bright..Window is obstructed by a neighboring house for one.
If possible keep artifical light on a few hours after dark. I use regular flourescent lights that hangs from the ceiling. Nothing fancy or expensive. Just an ordinary shop light?, is that what they're called, one cool white and one warm white bulbs. The entire set up cost under 20.00.
Of course, even with lights, it's not as bright as summer days, especially kept outdoors. Good luck, and Mehearty, once again, your plant is exceptional..Toni
PS..what is a tree Gardenia?

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I have 2 of those "100 watt" new energy saving Florissant bulbs in my living room I use for my cane plants and palm plants during the winter. but they don't mind the heat and I mist them every few days. Its the heat I think that kills them in the window on the south" bedroom in use". maybe I could almost close the vent off and keep it really cool in there. Guess I can bundle up and night. lol. light isn't the problem I don't think its the dry heat.?? I will do some looking up this summer so I will be ready come fall.
Oh well I'm off to clean out the gutters, ugg.

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mehearty(So ME z5a)

Hopeful, ivy geraniums are just as easy as the regular ones. During the winter, they only need to be watered once a week. In the summer when they are outside, I water them first thing every am.

Here's a pic of them right after purchasing from the nursery last spring. I thought I was going to be able to get 3 plants to a pot, but 2 were big enough. The combinations were lovely. The red one in the front with the purple petunia isn't in the pic I posted upthread. It got huge over the winter and had to be moved to a spot where it wasn't reaching onto the breakfast table. lol

Cuttings are really easy. These things grow like weeds. I hope you get some!

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Mehearty, I seem to remember trying to root an ivy geranium cutting but for some reason it didn't take, whereas other geraniums root and grow, like you said, weeds.
If you know of a nursery that sells them, (without having to buy an entire basket, please let me know.

Your three baskets are very attractive. What are the smaller yellow flowers with red centers in back, left pot?
I also like the little blue flowers in back right..What are they called? I've got it at the tip of my tongue but it won't pop out..LOL. I keep thinking Alyssum, sp, but blooms look too large.
Oh and in either left or front basket, there's one solo deep purple flower..what is it? How did it find its way into your basket? LOL. You have quite a collection. Come autumn, will you separate, place in individual containers? Toni

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