Erodium chamaedryoides ' Bishops Form'

ChlorophyllJill(z6 OK)May 11, 2005

Hi all -

Never been to this forum before, but I have a question for you knowledgable Geranium folk. I just purchased Erodium chamaedryoides ' Bishops Form' and know next to nothing about it. I found some info on Erodiums in general, that they are in the Geranium family, and of course, that they are hardy. I'm hoping hardy to Zone 6, which is where I live. What I'm really wondering is if this will grow in light shade. I have a great deal of shade in my back yard, and the tag says it will grow in part shade. What light I do have might not be what is considered 'part shade', but I do have an area that might get dappled sun for perhaps a total of two hours max. Would this grow there? Remember, I live in the South, which can get pretty darn hot in the summer! Thanks so much - hoping someone out there grows this and can give me a little info. I didn't really know what it was when I bought it, but it looked special, so now it's my new baby!

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gata(z5a NH)

I have an Erodium, but not the one you mentioned. Mine grows in NH and gets bright shade with dappled sun. My guess is that the spot you mentioned may work fine. What are your other options? I just looked it up, mine is E. chrysanthum.
Best of luck with yours.

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ChlorophyllJill(z6 OK)

Update: My little Erodium seems to be happy. It's flowered nicely - not busting out with blooms, but it's doing pretty well! The little spot it's in gets a nice shaft of light for a couple of hours and then bright shade after that. It gets pretty darn hot here in the summer, so I'm thinking it will do all right there. We shall see. I just hope that it comes back. Someone else told me on the Oklahoma forum that theirs didn't come back. But - I think I live in a microclimate and have a chance. I have a couple of things that come back for me quite well that aren't supposed to! My other options are to make more flowerbeds LOL! Got to convince hubby!

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I just got one of these and am hoping that it spreads. Doesn't look as if it does, though, from the plant descriptions I've read. ChlorophyllJill should be able to tell me, though. So if you still get messages from the gardenweb, let me know, please, if yours ever spread beyond its 1-2' stated size. Thanks! Carol

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johnsgeraniums(CDN 5a)

E. chrysanthum is a very hardy erodium and is even hardy here in zone 4, but the 'Bishop's Form' is more like zone 8 or 9 and I have to bring them indoors in the winter. I grow them in my sunny rockery, but perhaps shaded areas would be best in the south. Both chamaedryoides and 'Bishops's Form' are both OLD NAMES. The plant is now known as Erodium reichardii 'William Bishop'.

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