Need fresh bay leaves

KatyaKatya(6)March 26, 2013

Dear fellow gardeners, I am going to post this in several forums, so excuse me if you see it many times. I am looking for somebody who has a bay laurel tree (Laurus nobilis, of the plant family Lauraceae, also known as sweet bay), big and strong enough to spare a few branches for me. I am in search of fresh leaves, not dry ones, and I need more of them than I could afford if I buy fresh ones ( where fresh ones are available, it is going to be a few sprigs in a small plastic case at a prohibitive price). Also, my use for them is not a food use, so I donâÂÂt care if the tree is growing next to a highway etc. I am ready to pay reasonably for them (or could swap? What are you looking for?). I am willing to drive a couple of hours to get them. I know that in a mild climate, bay trees grow very well, so they should exist not far to the South from me. I am in Johnson City TN and bay trees do not perform well here. I need the leaves around the last week of April, so there is still time. Thank you very much for your patience, I know it all sounds weird but gardeners are used to everything. I will be checking for replies. Katya.

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I know a guy that owns a nursery here in Kennesaw, GA. he gave me a free bag of bay leaves because he has tons of them and was trying to get rid of them. Let me know if you want his name and number...

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I would like the name and number as well, I'd like to find out if we could grow bay in Bremen Ga

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Yes, please, I would like the name and number even though I am not going to drive there for the leaves - it is longer than 4 hours, not worth it. But a contact couldn't hurt, maybe we could order a shipment from him. Or maybe the florist we are working with here in town could order from him. I would like the name of business (and address?), thank you very much.

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I haven't forgotten you guys! I'm going to see him (Frank) tomorrow and I'll get his phone number for you. I thought I had a business card from him but couldn't find it after 2 days of searching. I'll post it tomorrow for ya! :)

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Here's his number. He said he still has bay leaves available.
Frank 770-4190803 www.countrygardensga.ccom

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Thank you!

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