Zonal Geranium and leaf-color changes?

vera_eastern_wa(5a-5b)May 2, 2007

I'm new to growing Zonal Geraniums. They are doing well as far as being outdoors and are in pots right now (potted up from their 4" nursery pots), but in the last few days I noticed just one of the Pinto Red has some leaves that are turning a funny color, yet not as dark as the deep purple rings..more a dirty brownish purple. What would cause this? I was thinking cool soil since many plants get that purplish/reddish thing going on for lack of phosphorus until soil warms up, but it's just the one pot.



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Ok....now on the same plant some of leaves are turning orange! What's up with this plant?

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I'm wondering about leaf color changes, too. I bought a few young geraniums here recently. I'm in NW Montana, and the temperature ranges from 103 degrees to -25 degrees, but mostly stays within 100 and maybe -15. Anyway, I put them out in my garden that gets afternoon sun, but not much morning sun; it was warm that week, but then we had (and continue to have)a rainy spell, during which the temps are dropping into the 36 degree range at night. Are the poor things just reacting to this chilly spell? The nice, dark green leaves have turned a sortof bronzish color, kind of purplish and brown, but otherwise still look firm and normal. Thanks for any insight somebody might have.

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I'm no expert by any means but I grow zonals and scented geraniums for our farmers market here. Usually color changes can be 'brought on' by keeping zonals on the dry side but this usually brings on brighter color rings not dull ones so I would think that it is a temperature or nutritional thing. These plants are notoriously hungry. Try feeding a balanced diet of 15-30-15 and see if the colors of the leaves turns back to normal. If not, try changing the soil. Keep them warm, they do not like to even approach freezing. If the orange leaves turn yellow and die, look for white fly and put out sticky traps to catch the nasties. Good luck. Kat

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