My M.Alba has yellow leaves.

AKFGRocksJune 14, 2013

I don't know what kind of M.Alba is it but the tree used to be very green when we transferred this plant to the ground. It stayed green for a couple years and the yellowing started to happen. The last thing that we did before it turned yellow was my mom gave it rose fertilizer once and after that it began yellowing and dying.

Fast forward a couple years the tree is still yellow and alive. It has very few flowers and the funny thing is there's like a branch growing out of the side of a trunk that has very green branches and most of the flowers are blooming on those green branches.

As you can see below this part of the tree has the most flowers blooming on that spot.

The rest of the tree have these abnormally round bulbs like its producing fruit.

I don't like to say this about my mom but she wasn't taking care of the tree very well and she never watered that much.
I want to ask about advice to take care of the tree because I don't want it to die. I want to know more about watering and the type of fertilizer to use and also what's causing the yellowing of the leaves. I am going to be the caretaker for the tree right now.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

I don't have any experience growing plants in the ground but from your pics, the leaves display chlorosis issue. Perhaps your soil is too alkaline. See this page for more info:

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

And wow look at those fruits! A michelia alba that's producing seeds...that's really interesting. When they ripe, try to sprout the seeds. Perhaps you'll get a new hybrid if the sees are viable. How exciting! : )

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)


I recently bought 2 M. Albas and 1 Champaca and all are in ground for a month or so now. Mine are very young compare to yours judging by how much thicker your tree trunk is. But all are doing well pushing out new growth and buds. However, the M. Albas are getting some sun burnt leaves due to too much sun. I am hoping they will acclimate soon.

I only water them once a week. I am keeping my garden organic so all I have given them so far are Alfalfa and Dr. Earth #8 fertilizer.

What I noticed about your tree is that it seems to be planted too deep? Either that or it has sunken lower since you planted? M. Albas do not like their roots to be fully submerged or they will suffocate.

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I am having the exact same problem. Got the plant in the mail, planted it, and it has a lot of new growth, but all the leaves are yellow. I have sandy soil here in Florida. When i saw the yellow leaves I tried to give it some regular fertilizer first. Waited a month - no green, just new growth. Then I put some nitrogen on it to see if it would help. Nothing, just new growth and yellow leaves.

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