spinning primrose

lives2grow(z5IN)June 27, 2006

Is anyone else growing "spinning primrose"? I've grown it for several years, but never hear anyone else mention it. It is one of the most fragrant plants I've ever smelled. One plant is perfuming a large part of my back yard right now. It is a species of Oenothera. It is biennial & blooms at night & on cloudy days. The hummingbird moths like it. The first year it produces a rosette of leaves close to the ground. In its second season it sends up 3'-4' flower stalks. The blooms are yellow & smell wonderful. I only had to plant them one year-it reseeds very well! Carla

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Do you know which Oenothera it is? Is yours the one that twists open while you watch (see the last listing, 'Tina James,' below)? I get that one on alternate years but don't get a chance to smell it much because I have it in a distant corner of the yard due to the height and self-sowing habit. But you're making me want to move it to a better spot! Thanks for bringing it up! 'Mare

Here is a link that might be useful: Flower Scent Gardens

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The tag at the nursery just said "spinning primrose". It doesn't have enough petals to be "Tina James", but it does unfurl before your eyes, like the description says. I've looked in all of my books, & on the internet,& my best guess is O. biennis. One sight had 65 varieties! None of them looked exactly right. The leaves have a very prominent pink vein down the middle, & that's not mentioned in any of the descriptions. I've fallen in love with this plant all over again this year. I plan to save a lot of seeds & help it spread. I'm going to try it in some areas were nothing else has been successful. Even my teenage sons have been fascinated by it this year, though they wouldn't want to admit it :). One son has been trying to catch some unusual moths for his 4-H entomology project, so he's been keeping an eye on the evening bloomers. Thanks for writing! Happy smelling! Carla

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