$10 Ivy Geranium - Cuttings to make a second basket?

Binky(z5 WI)May 15, 2006

I bought a lovely $10 basket of ivy geraniums today. While I've had good luck with regular geraniums, I've never been able to overwinter the ivy types. I wondered if rooting is also more difficult. My plan was simply to take 3 inch cuttings, but them in a second basket, put them in a plastic bag and wait until they root. Am I missing any key ideas??

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melrt968(u.k. scotland)

Hello Binky,
Ivy geraniums or pelargoniums are no more difficult to manage than most of the other types of geraniums. Personally I keep all my geraniums in their pots or baskets in a well lit, frost- free environment, but not in direct sunlight, from Autumn to early summer, the roots are kept just moist. This system works for me.
When rooting geranium/pelargonium cuttings I do NOT use rooting hormone, liquid or powder. Just insert the prepared cutting into a mixture of potting compost/perlite or vermiculite, water and allow to drain. Do NOT tent or close up the cuttings but keep them in good light at about 15-20 degrees Celsius. If you treat pellie cuttings with rootin hormone or tent them they tend to rot.

Hope this helps


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