How do you like Tiny Monster?

mgmb(z5 Madison WI)May 13, 2005

I just bought some T.M. to console myself upon the death of my Wargraves Pinks. Any comments about hardiness, alleged ground-cover qualities? I want to plant them in a fairly sandy place where lavender thrives.

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I just planted it last year, and I have it planted between catmint and lavender. It made it through the winter just fine, but hasn't started blooming yet. I haven't had it long enough to be much help to you, I'm afraid. I thought the name was great.

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I planted TM last year. Planted in part shade (full sun further north). It got about 18" across and bloomed very sporadically. This year, it's over 40" across and shows no signs of stopping. It's also blooming like... well, a monster. A flower every 2 or 3 inches across the entire surface. Maybe 12" tall. Definite ground cover potential. My wife, who didn't notice it last year, says it's her favorite plant in our garden.

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I absolutely love it and enjoying use of Tiny Monster

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