Day Late-Dollar___!

georgia-roseMarch 21, 2009

Went early this AM to Growers Outlet for Camellias, after checking their availability list and finding 7 different ones there.

TOO LATE! Someone came in late yesterday afternoon near closing and cleaned them out. Not a single one to be had!

Was really very chilly there so early, strong wind and wind chill felt like the 20's to me, as I was improperly dressed for winter! Wasn't that cold at home.

Did manage to purchase a few items, well, a little more than a few, 72 to be correct! Begonias, Hostas, Amaryllis, Ferns, Hostas, Native Azaleas, and some more Hostas. (I'm an addict!)

Glad I went early, by the time I left, there was a long line of vehicles waiting for my parking space and people were bumping into each other with their carts.

Have to return next week to get Camellias, when a new shipment comes in, but it won't be on Saturday!

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where is the growers outlet?

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aqrose(7b NE GA)

In Loganville off Hwy 78

Here is a link that might be useful: Grower's Outlet

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cjcjmass(8 Georgia)

Hello there ..
I'm Cindy and i live in Snellville I was there yesterday and see the people loading there truck up with the Camellias I wish I would have know that you need a few I would have grab them

I was up there looking for Angel Trumpets but they did not have any :(.

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Thanks for the thought! But I have to return there anyway, because some of the other plants I need (want!) weren't ready.
The Camellias were for a co-worker and neighbor of our youngest, who lives on Saint Simons Island. Prices for Camellias there are more than 3X what GO sells them for and they probably come from the same grower near Eustis, FL. Our oldest went to Savannah & Brunswick this weekend and we were to send the Camellias with her.
She will have to wait until we meet with her in Charleston in mid-April to get them. Camellias are expensive there also!

They have Brugs (Angel Trumpet) on their master plant list for this year, but they, also, probably aren't ready yet or they may be waiting until past last frost date to bring them from their greenhouses.

I really like to go shopping there for plants, as you never know what you will find, that is uncommon and very reasonably priced. I have patronized them for many years, starting when they were on the west side of Loganville, in a "swampy" area, that some customers referred to as, "The chicken-coop"!, before they moved to their present location.

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During the warmer months of the year, Dorough's in Lilburn (see cut & paste below) has sales & they usually have angel's trumpets, lots of hostas & may have camellias as well... reasonable prices & it's fun to wander thru. Plan ahead & you can go to the Hindu Temple nearby before you get dirty @ Dorough's!

hope u find what u want,

Dorough Landscape Company
5444 Lawrenceville Hwy.
Lilburn, Georgia 30047
(Across From Walgreen's)

Phone: (770) 921-6485
Fax: (770) 921-6403

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cjcjmass(8 Georgia)

Hey I think that i'm going to take a ride there tomorrow.
Thanks for they advice.

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