deer resistant hardy geranium?

splitrockMay 17, 2012

I love having Rozanne in my Raleigh garden, and would like to grow it up on the mountain where our cabin sits in zone 6a. The problem is the local deer population. I have read that the deer will eat Rozanne, but not Big Root geranium. Is this true?

I am looking for geraniums that are hardy and hairy, or otherwise unappealing to deer.

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Yes, Geranium macrorrhizum is consistantly listed as deer resistant as will be any closely related types, like the xcantabrigiense....'Biokova', 'Karmina'. Actually most hardy geraniums are listed as deer resistant but it depends on the deer :-) Those with fuzzy and/or fragrant foliage will definitely be low on the menu.

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