My geranium buds are drooping

laalericaaMay 7, 2013

My geranium buds are drooping, as shown above. I keep my plant on my windowsill, where it does get enough sun, and i water it daily. Had it for about a month and shortly after getting it the buds died, then i cut them off, and the new buds are drooping and havent flowered yet and it's been a month,

any suggestions?

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You water it daily! That's your problem. Geraniums are one plant that needs to be grown on the dry side.A daily watering is setting it up for rot. Cut out the watering for a couple of weeks

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

As I said on your dupicate post, Pelargonium buds always curve down at first then straighten up. But you are also overwatering as dowlingram said.

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