the pottery (GONE???)

moochie(z7 GA)March 23, 2008

folks, made my 2hr springly trip to purchase pots / plants / birdhouses / thermometers / hose holders, etc at my commerce ga one-stop's .... GONE?? (although wl be back smaller in fall/08). question??

where's the best substitute in Atlanta metro area .. either north or south... for discounted things above.

any ideas?



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that is a real shame, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that store...My neice and I happened upon a store like it (and it also had a similiar name) I"m going to scratch my brain and figure out what it was called...I can see it in my's off of 85 and it would be South of the airport (not sure how far) I'll post again if I can think of the name of it...we were actually searching for another store (which is actually off of 75 as it turns out..and found this one the other one (cant think of it's name either, darn it) had alot of cool stuff too..I'll get back to you.

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I think this is it. But not near the variety as Commerce.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old Time Pottery

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yes, that's it old time pottery...and there is one other place too...still racking my brain on it.....

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Some of the names I've heard, are:

Pottery Barn
Four Seasons
Pottery Imports
Craven's (Owner of The Pottery near Commerce, but think they have (had) an outlet in Atlanta, near mid-town.

I usually haunt a couple of Big Lots in early Spring to find large pots and such. You have to buy them when you find them or they will be gone if you wait a few days and go back.

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