Positives and negatives of hardy geranium for groundcoevr?

RenataM(5)May 23, 2012

I am in a zone 5 and need a no maintenance ground cover that won't let weeds come out. I am considering double jewel because i think it is beautiful... Is it a good option? Thanks!

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Would not be my first choice :-) First, it is a very demure plant just by virtue of its species and then grows even smaller than the straight species, most likely because of the effort going into a double flower.

I would not consider any hardy geranium to be a no maintenance, fully weed-suppressing groundcover. Many will be fully herbaceous so offer no groundcovering ability in winter and I can think of none that grows heavy enough to fully suppress weeds - you might get close with one of the cantabrigiense hybrids though, like 'Biokova' or 'Karmina'.

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Thank you! Your response was very helpful!

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I put in Bevan's Variety Geranium macrorrhizum in a spot where I can't do a lot of maintenance. I don't know if it would choke out ALL other weeds, but it seems to grow thickly enough to discourage many weeds.

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