megz_83May 28, 2012

I need help!!!!!! I have many georgeous Geraniums and I keep getting these WORMS! No matter where I get the plant they seem to get infested and end up looking terrible!!!!!! I have tried numerous insecticides and even a tobacco/ water spray. I live in Southern California ( coastal) if that matters....please offer some advice! One of these geraniums my grandmother gave to me, if it dies I'm going to be devastated! Thanks for any advice in advance!!!! Megz

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Get some BT worm killer--Bacillus thuringiensis--but BT for short. This is an environmentally friendly bacterial worm killer. The worm or caterpillar ingests it and it kills it from the inside out. It kills only the worm and will not harm birds(even if they eat the worm) or pets or children

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