Gardenia 'fun'

scottlk(San Diego)June 13, 2005

I showed my wife the suicidal gardenia thread, and after she stopped laughing we went out to get a couple gardenias. I think she did it just to torture me :-)

We got two monrovia "first love" gardenias. A big 30 dollar one, and a small "backup" for 10. We then hit walmart to get some perlite and miracid, and found a "gradenia spc." for 3 dollars and got that too. We planted the wally world plant first, and within 1 week it's single little flower bloomed and smelled wonderful. The 30 dollar gardenia is still in a pot basicly doing nothing - not declining and not really growing. The 10 dollar gardenia is planted and just starting to drop buds - but I think I might have forgot to water it one too many days. Apparently the walmart version thrives on the abuse, and the named monrovia ones maybe like a little more TLC. I guess we can just keep going out every few months to buy another 3 dollar walmart version and enjoy a bloom once in a while if we have too :)

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scottlk(San Diego)

Well, apparently they all like the abuse - the big guy now has 2 flowers and the other little guy has one opening.

I did notice that the generic walmart gardenia species was more fragrant / sweeter than the first love, but the first love had a better looking flower that still smelled great, just not as good as the other.

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grwleye(z9/Sunset 22/CA)

You'll be sorrrrryyy!!! ;) Seriously, I think you're right----leave them alone.

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