yellow geranium leaves--help!

kitha1215(z8/Central Louisiana)May 8, 2006

Ok, if you've been watching the weather channel then you will have noticed that SW La just received some pretty heavy rainfall. Well here's the thing, before I knew the rain was coming I had watered my geranium well b/c we had been in a drought. Well, right after I gave it a good watering the next day it POURS! Anywho, it rained for like two days before I realized maybe I should put the geranium(which is in the middle of the yard on a garden hook)on the porch so that it doesn't get too saturated. The next day I noticed yellowed leaves and I figured "typical" and pulled them off. Well now they won't stop! They're still turning yellow and I haven't watered them since the rain stopped which was about 3 days ago. It's still damp on the inside, not too much on the outside b/c the La sun is back out but the inside is not dry at all. Please help me. Thanx in advance!

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honeysucklecottage(z6 PA)

It sounds to me like you have a drainage problem. You may have to repot this plant with a better draining soil mixture.

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Thats the first thing to come to mind, you didn't mention the plant drained well from all that rain...and your watering it.
The pot should have something at the bottom, between the soil and the drainage holes so that it can rid itself of excess water.

Too, if the bottom of the pot does not have that thing to keep the soil away from the drainage holes, it..the soil, may be the culprit...maybe clogging the holes and preventing the proper drainage.

A hot sun is what geraniums the yellow leaves is not a sun problem.
Do make sure your pot gets rid of excess water.

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