spreading not clumping gernanium?

reddbuffalo(Zone 7 DC)May 10, 2005


i've been doing some research in my now vast library of plant and have come across two geraniums which they say are spreading but I wanted to get your opinions!

They are

G. Himalyense


G. Magnificum

Obviously i want quick ground cover, but not so quick that it takes over everything around it if i leave it for week. So anyone have any experiece with these? thanks!!

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leo_prairie_view(2B Manitoba)

I have both G. Himalyense and G. Magnificum and would call them clumping rather than spreading. Both G. Macrorrhizum and G. cantabrigiense spread nicely as does G sanguineum Striatum but a bit more slowly. G. pyrenicum spreads quickly but also seeds itself all over the place. It also blooms most of the summer and the seedlings are easy to pull up.

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