Which Jasmine should I get?

Puchinita5June 13, 2014

I have never grown Jasmines before, and only recently started getting into growing flowers/plants in my apartment. So keep in mind i'm a newbie :)

My main questions are, which kind should I get, and where can I get it online?

I really like the look of what I think are "arabian knights" jasmines. I posted a photo of the type of petals I like the best. I read in a recent discussion here that "belle of india" is the most popular, but from what I am seeing, I don't like the long slender petals as much.

I'm not finding "arabian knight" varieties online (so far the only site I've found with already potted jasmines is Logee's, is there somewhere else I should be looking?) so are there other varieties that look like arabian knights that are recommended?

And which ones bloom the easiest and the most? I don't want a plant that has flowers for only a few weeks out of the year, I would prefer one that is always in bloom if possible.

I live in Chicago and have large south facing windows. The jasmine would be kept on the windowsill.

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If you are new to jasmines I would suggest you to try jasmine sambac maid of orleans. The fragrant flowers are single row petals. You can find this in any nurseries during summer time in your area. This is very low maintenance jasmine and grows fast and blooms very well during summer time.

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lowes is having maid of orleans for $14.99. Now they are 50% discount. Its a good deal.

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The fragrance of jasmine flowers is amazing, you can get beautiful and fresh jasmine flowers from flowersatkirribilli that provide online flower delivery services at best prices.

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I'm in St. Louis & have Grand Duke Jasmine. Very hardy to survive in the house during the winter & fragrant. Got a $29.95 2 gal. size from a local nursery that stocked Monrovia plants.

Sherwood Forest nursery by me has them for $34.95.

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Once you get one type of jasmine , you are hooked to get more varieties!At least I am .
Then getting into 511 mix and then liquid fertilizers !

Belle of India has a very nice fragrance. It also blooms more frequently that the grand duke. Maid of Orleans also blooms very frequently.

Which jasmine did you get?

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I purchased a a Maid of Orleans from Logees. It's pretty small so far but I'm hoping it will do well and become a beautiful plant! Anyone have any advice for making it look more like a bush rather than a vine? I'm assuming I just need to regularly trim it that way?

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