help me SAVE my rose geraniums!!!

floweryearth(8a NW GA)June 29, 2003

I have a problem with my pelargoniums--- some of the stems are developing this part that gets weak and then turns dark causing the branch to hang limply. I dont know of this is a virus or fungus, but can someone please tell me what the cause(s) is/are and how can I treat it if there is any possible way? I thank whoever can help me x 1,000,000. the names of the affected plants are "attar of roses" and "old fashioned rose" Also, what causes the foliage to become yellow and sickly? To much/little water of fertilizer? I highly appreciate any help or advice.

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deeproots(8b South Ga)

could be any of the things you just mentioned...
inconsistant watering, improper nutrient levels etc etc are all distinct possibilities.

I do see that you are in zone 10 florida... so I must assume that you are in Miami area or at least that latitude. Pelargoniums LOVE high intensity light levels... but unfortunatly they do not appreciate high leaf temperatures... my stock plants (here south georgia) are in a greenhouse with fans running, 40% shade, and with cool cells... It stays with way from May 15th-Sept15th or nearbouts.
I think that is the problem... make sure they get plenty of light but stay cool... perhaps even bump it up a little if the current pot isn't keeping an even moisture level.


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Chaconnesque(Z12 Singapore)


I'm from Singapore and I had similar problems with my first attempt at geraniums last year. Singapore's mostly hot, but hottest in mid-year. The seed grown Orbit plants from Park Seed began to show stunted growth and serious chlorosis (they had some chlorosis even in the cooler months). I moved all the plants into my air-conditioned office under light and they did fine and are growing huge. But are there any varieties that might just survive the summer heat in Gerogia/Florida that I can perhaps grow under partial shade outside in Singapore? My night temps are ~80F and day ~90F.

Thanks & Best Rgds

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andreap(z7 NC)

I've had similar problems with mine, and I think it may be too much water; they like to dry out, don't they? Have moved some under a porch and hope to prevent furthur damage from all the rain we've had here. I hear that fertilizing makes them lose their scent, and I used a mix of soil that had some fertilizer in it, so I never fertilized mine. Are yours still surviving? If you have them in poorly draining soil maybe you could pot them up and keep them dry for a while?

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Try a search on Botrytis and see if that matches your plants. Clean up any affected plant parts, clean tools between cuttings with 10% bleach solution. I wasn't on the forum when you first posted, I'm just reading earlier posts now. i hope your pellies are making it.

Rose geraniums (pelargoniums) are so beautiful!!

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floweryearth(8a NW GA)

Thanks, braveland. Those pellies from '03 are long gone. However, I have some new ones that i have been successfully growing and propagating on my windowsill -- along with some baby lavenders, catmint, columbine, delphinium, and cyclamen. It's my indoor garden!

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Oops- I realized after I had posted that the date was June 03! LoL. Your indoor garden sounds wonderful.

How are you doing with all of the hurricanes?

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kayakita(z9 TX)

I bought a beautiful hanging basket of geraniums for my front porch last summer. Moved it to a shady spot under some oak trees as I planned to be away from home for a few days and would not be able to water it during our dry central Texas heat. When I returned from my trip (to my great dismay) found that the deer had nibbled my lovely and all... down to three inch stalks.
I trimmed the stalks and moved the plant out to my enclosed patio to try to nurse it back to health. To my great surprise, it's now in full bloom again. However, the leaves are no longer a luscious green and full. They are so tiny they're almost invisible. What happened? How can I encourage the leaves to return to their original healthy state and still keep the flowers blooming?

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floweryearth(8a NW GA)

Wow-- Looking back, I can't believe I even attempted those plants in Miami! the lavender (Goodwin Creek) and cyclamen (florists indoor potted) were the only things worth growing-- (in Miami on a windowsill). : )

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