WANTED: Pelargoniums ( scented geraniums)

ladyb001(z8WA)June 1, 2006

Does anyone have some scented pelargoniums to trade or for postage? i have citronella and nutmeg and would like all others.



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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

shame your not in england. I have P. dichondraefolium, which tho untidy does smell of lavender.

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Hi Larry, why yes it is a shame. i have an email friend in england who sends me photos of his well manicured yard and we even have the almost identical greenhouse!! dI a have cacti in mine though. I have sent holiday packages to england before and it took a month to get there so don't think our plants would survive the trip, haha. Take care and thanks for the kind of offer,
happy gardening

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