Help identifying (and care)

david883(5/6)June 11, 2013

I just bought this a few weeks ago at the MSU plant sale but it was only marked as "Geranium". If anyone can help identify it as something more specific that'd be great! Also, as you can see some of the flowers are spent. If I deadhead will it continue to rebloom? Otherwise I'm contemplating trying to collect seeds.

Thanks again!

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penelope(Z6 KY)

The leaves look like it could be a G. macrorrhizum. There are many varieties - did you see it bloom?


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Yes, but no pictures of flowers. Just googled images of G. macrorrhizum and some of the bloom pictures look like this one's blooms. It had soft pink and white flowers. Sounds like, from other googlings (yes, googlings), deadheading doesn't promote more blooms and its advised to not deadhead as it rejuvenates the plant and allows for reseeding. I'll follow that. Thanks for the info Penny. Much appreciated.

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