No flowers on my tall geranium

mamster(6b)June 2, 2013

I believe I have a pillar type geranium about 5-6 yrs old but hasn't flowered this season with no buds in site anyone with suggestions as to why? I believe I live in zone 6 of Pa. Thanks much ;-)

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As a follow up.. She has just begun to bloom and is beautiful!! I am new to this, can anyone tell me what kind of pillar geranium she is? Thanks

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Hi mamster,

how lucky that you have that geranium for 5-6 years and that is a beauty for sure!

I think your geranium is a Zonal geranium, they are an annual in my world. I love geraniums, and try to keep them alive in the garage but don't always succeed.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

'Pillar' isn't a specific type of Pelargonium, but a way of describing the taller growing varieties which can be trained up canes. Yours is a zonal Pelargonium but there are literally hundreds, possibly thousands, of named cultivars. They are very easy to increase by cuttings.

Lack of flowers and lush foliage could be due to insufficient light and excess feeding.

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Any time a plant is expected to produce flower buds.....but it doesn't...for some reason.
if the time has been put into it, and it just wont produce budding.....STOP....ALL FERTILIZING. until it does bloom.
Unfortunately we often kill the flowering with kindness.
We water too much; not letting the potted plant dry down some, and we try to feed it into submission.

That can be the reason it wont bloom....too much nitrogen causes the plant to produce nice green foliage....and the plant appreciates says, keep it up...feed me...and I'll proudce lots of leaves......but don't expect me to produce have given me too much nitrogen.

So when next time a plant that should flower....doesn't...stop all feeding until it does bloom.
Then feed according to its needs.

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