Geranium sanguineum

lily603(6)June 22, 2013

geraniums come into bloom and by june have yellowed leaves. I pluck and throw away, but it continues. looking thro a small lens, I don't see evidence of leaf miner. don't ask for pics...I don't know how and haven't the equipement to do anyway. so my question on the fly is: what causes yellow leaf...there are several patches with at least 15-20 ft apart and they all show signs of this symptom..

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This is Geranium sanguineum alba. It creates a lovely border around my whole garden in the spring which I love. I started with two scraggely sale plants about 10 years ago and continued to divide it over the years. It loves sun. I shear off the top after it blooms and it remains a green border. Are you talking about the actual leaves or the spent flower which are brown?

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