force flowering jasmine sambac?

utsharpie(33014)June 16, 2005

i was wondering if it was possible to force flower jasmine sambac if you grow it indoors under lights? could you keep it flowering year round? cif the flower time was something like blooms for a month than nothing until another 3 monts? or could i always have blooms within in a week?

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I haven't heard of it being tried-let us know! They want to flower in the summer=long day hours + heat. It helps to use a low nitrogen fertilizer along with higher phosph and potash. I prefer 2-10-10 bloom special. I use this and within 1 week, I've got 30 flowers in one night here in Florida (3 gal pots).

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Darael(So Cal z9)

Perhaps, but I wouldn't just use plain ol' lights, try and find full spectrum lighting.

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im using 400 watt metal halide lightsand i have 4 of them. each covers an area of 8 to 10 square feet. what are some other fragrant plants that are "everbloomers"

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Hey Jasmine sambac (MAid of orleans) is a very easy plant to grow, Although like many plants dont like living in the house. During the winter mine looks like its dead but as soon as i bring it outside it all comes back. Jasmine like many plats only bloom off of new growth so i woiuld try clipping back some old shoots forceing new ones to appear

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My Maid of Orleans (3) bloom yr round. I feed from Mar-Sept, then once days shorten, withhold food..Aside from light they like humidity. They're misted daily, and hosed in sink once a wk. They're planted in well-draining soil, all purpose, peat and sand. I wouldn't cut back, you may remove a flower stem...Toni

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I really love jamine, I have 3 sambacs and the flowers are so fragrant it's incredible. Mine have bloomed numerous times over the past few months I've had them. Mine are in a west window and get afternoon sun. I trim a branch here and there every now and then when needed. Piece of cake to grow!


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