Mom wants me to get a smart phone (funny story)

squirrellypete(z7b AL)March 10, 2013

My B-day's coming up and my Mom who is a recent convert to smart phones is pushing for me to get one as well. I'm usually home and can hop on my PC but I'll admit they are nice to have on trips.

I have one of those older small clamshell flip phones that are getting harder and harder to find and I have been very hard on it. It gets knocked out of my magnetic belt case, dropped on gravel, left out in the cold if I take it off while working in the greenhouse, driven over (yes, the tires of my truck actually ran over it!) when the phone once fell out of my truck door unbeknownst to me. All kinds of dreadful things.

I've been trying to explain this to her and she just tells me "oh it'll be fine, you can just get an otter box for it!" Well I may have finally gotten through to her when I just told her this story:

I tilled up the other half of my veggie garden a few days ago, tilling leaves into the soil. My tiller vibrates my body all over the place and it's hard to steer, especially in semi-wet sinking soil. After finishing up and heading in for the day just before dark my hand brushed against my phone case which was still attached to me only I realized there was no phone in it. I checked all of the normal places one might lose a phone....your pants pocket, the car, the greenhouse, etc....My husband kept calling it.....nothing. Finally a horrible realization hit me and I told him "follow me and bring your phone". We walked outside to the veggie garden and he called it.....the garden started faintly ringing lol. I ran through the gate and started trying to hone in on the sound. Finally got close and started digging in with my bare hands like someone frantically looking for buried treasure. Found my phone 5 inches deep nicely tilled into the soil with the other ammendments. The front had scrape marks from where the tines had obviously come in contact with it. Amazingly they did not destroy it!

A rough and tumble gardener like me should definitely not be allowed to own a smart phone lol.

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Great story. I wish I had had my phone last week when carrying a big pot of dirt and not being able to see where the driveway started left me with a sprained left ankle, twisted right knee and hip. I had to crawl to the door bell to get some help. I bet there are people who have a phone like that in a drawer somewhere that you could get for free and just install you chip/card? in. I know there is one in our kitchen junk drawer that is no longer usable because the chip thing won't fit.

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ritmatt(GA 7b)

Funny story. I'm surprised you found the phone! You're a good writer, though. I could totally picture you running out there and listening to your dirt.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I use a blackberry and got a closeable case for it. I really would like an Iphone, but it would just break the moment I got it....I think you can get flip phones at Family Dollar still.... :)

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

frankielynn, how awful you had to crawl to the door! Hope your injuries are healing.

ritmatt -- thanks! Yes, I'm sure it would have been quite a laughable scene had there been witnesses around.

Thanks GGG....will look into options.

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lololol... WOw good story Squirell Peter!

This is amazing! Lol...

It's like me, dropping my phone into the toilet, into lakes, etc. COnstantly getting slammed around and abused.


A note: If possible when working in the VEGTABLE GARDEN DO NOT USE YOUR CELL PHONE.

They say the waves can interupt the flow of the Apis Melifara honey bees.

Just a rumor.

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buford(7 NE GA)

I have an iphone. I do have it with me when I'm out in the yard. A lot of times I use the time for things I need to be timed and I use the camera a lot. This year, I went out and bought a couple of pairs of shorts that have a lot of pockets with velcro and zippers. I had to buy these in the mens department because clothes manufacturers dont' seem to think that women need these kinds of shorts. Anyway, The pockets are great for putting the iphone or keys or whatever and not 'planting' them.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

LOL, just saw this thread was popping up again.

Buford, I also FREQUENTLY use the timer feature when I'm out using drip irrigation, soaker hoses, etc....I've got so many all over the place that it's impractical right now to buy timers for every single one. That's a great idea about the zippered or velcro pockets. I will only wear blue jean pants in the garden, even in hot weather just because I'm always on my knees so pants and sometimes knee pads protect from sharp objects. And I don't want to contend with bug bites either which they prevent. I'm pretty handy though, I bet I could sow on my own zippered pocket if I couldn't find any cheapo jeans that had it already.

Herboil, that's an interesting theory about the cell phone waves. I had heard that idea before several years ago when people were starting to realize the honey bee populations were dropping. I hadn't heard much about it lately.

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