discolored gardenias

esthermgrMarch 31, 2008

My otherwise thriving August Beauty gardenias have suddenly gotten discolored leaves that looks almost like scorching. One plant is much more affected, and the problem seems to have gotten worse since I noticed it a few weeks ago.

Walter Reeves says that this might be frost damage. Any other ideas?

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satellitehead(z8 ATL Metro)

does it look anything like this? (click me)

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Is it the leaves on the tips of the branches? If the gardenia put out new foliage right before we got those brief below freezing temps, then I'd say it is frost damage.

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buford(7 NE GA)

Mine look a bit off too. A bit dull and more olive than evergreen. It did happen right around the time we had the freeze.

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Satellitehead, thanks for the pic. But it's not chlorosis looking like that. It's more brown and crinkly, almost like if it had been burned. Except it's not just the youngest growth. It's more all the leaves on certain parts of the plant. Some leaves are only burnt looking near the edges or tips.

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see Walter Reeves article from today's email. It's just a normal early Spring behavior.



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Kathy Bochonko

Yeah don't make the mistake most people do and take a perfectly normal plant and kill it with kindness trying to "fix" it. It should be fine. And remember evergreen does not mean "always green." It doesn't keep all the same leaves it's entire life. Just like pines drop needles, gardenias will drop leaves. So when some of the leaves ultimately fall off don't let that freak you out either.

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