Gernaiums & Hostas flanking stairs -

newhomeowner2011aJune 16, 2012


I just cut out the grass next to our lower level of steps in an upside down kidney shape (wider at bottom next to city walkway). I was going to line our walkway and the outer portion of this space with Patriot Hostas and fill them in with Viola Klose salvia. I did this and wasn't happy with the results as I didn't realize how often I'd have to clip off the flowerless stalks (have only been in ground 1 week and had to basically cut off every flower stalk so it wouldn't go to seed and would rebloom...I realize geraniums are the same way but there aren't as many blooms so it hopefully will not be as much of a maintenance issue...). Anyway, I have a white house with red door and thought maybe geraniums in this space (vs. the salvia) might be pretty and a nice alternative. Now I know that living in zone 4a, I will have to dig up the root ball and store in the basement and then replant in the spring (after frost) but I think the results will be worth it. I have tried to find images of someone filling in the bed between hostas and stairs and have not found anything online so I wanted to be sure this would be possible before going back to the nursery.

Does this sound like it might be pretty to anyone else or is there a reason why this might not work? We get some morning sun there and almost (if not) 100% sun in the afternoon/early evening.

Thanks for your insight!

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Have you tried hostas in this location before? Generally, the light requirements between hostas and zonal geraniums is very different - hostas want mostly shade and geraniums mostly sun. Keeping one happy would likely make the other rather unhappy.........

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We get afternoon sun there - I read online that geraniums need only 4 hours of sun though I know we get more than that in this space. The hostas have been in the ground for a few weeks in this area and so far are looking good - they are awfully hardy from what I have been told and we water often so maybe that is why they are doing okay?

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Hostas are hardy but full sun during the heat of the day might be too much for them in the long run. They may say Geraniums need only 4 hours of sun but in my experience they like more than that. You would have better conditions for Geraniums than for the Hosta

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