Where to buy organic corn meal

alpharetta(z7 GA)March 23, 2010

I would like to include corn meal into my daily food cooking. Yesterday I found whole corn kernels in the plastic bottle in the Walgreen and it is for pop-corn making only. It is expensive too. So I just wonder what farms or grocerry stores in Atlanta metro area selling corn meal. Organic corn meal would be very preferred.



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You can certainly find corn meal in the grocery store. Look in the same aisle as flour and baking products. I am not sure if they have organic corn meal - you might have to ask at customer service to determine.

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Take a look at www.moorefarmsandfriends.com . I order amazing locally grown grains through their farm co-op. Even if you don't join the co-op you'll see the name of the farm they use and you might be able to order in bulk for cheaper prices if you only want one product. I get incredibly grits and oatmeal from them, so it's very likely that they do cornmeal as well .

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alpharetta(z7 GA)

I found http://www.barryfarm.com on the net. They are selling certified organic Millet Grits and Corn Meal with the bulk price. They are in Ohio, so the shipping cost is huge. The bulk price, including shipping, around $2.0 per bls.

Does anybody know any GA local farms who sells the same stuff? So I just drive up and pick up? I also would like to promote the local farms too.


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I regularly purchase from Berry Farm because they have some unique gluten free products.
As for local cornmeal www.loganturnpikemill.com is the most local corn mill. I use their organic corn flour, corn meal and grits. You can buy them at the Sandy Springs Whole Foods and also in East Atlanta at Urban Cannibals bodega and bites (which is delicious, and stocks fresh - local foods)

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The one I was thinking of is Oakview Farms and Granary in Alabama. www.oakviewfarms.com

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lrvjim(7 to 8)

Probably more than you want to spend but Anson Mills in SC has the best grits and polenta you will ever eat and I have tried them all. Good cornmeal also, but everything is pricey.

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scmatlanta_gw(8a - Athens GA)

I think the DeKalb Farmers Market on Ponce de Leon Ave near Decatur has organic corn meal.

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You should be able to get it at any large chain grocery store. Pretty sure I've seen it at Publix and Walmart.

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susancol(7 Atlanta)

Here's a longshot for you. Last time I drove up to the Factory Outlet stores up GA 400, there was a guy on the side of the road selling freshly ground cornmeal. In fact, it's a joke around our house, because he had fabulous roadside signs. It was around Christmas time, and one sign just said "Need a Gift" and the next one said "Cornmeal!".

Best of Luck!

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Certified Organic Cornmeal ground on site every Saturday (weather permitting) on GA 400 just north of GA 136. This is three (3) traffic lights north of the Factory Outlet Mall in Dawson County.

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