Best fertilizer for pelis?

missruthy(NYC)June 27, 2010

I think I remember once reading on this forum that a fertilizer which works on tomatoes is great to use on geraniums.

If I'm mistaken, can anyone recommend one that works well for potted zonals?

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I grow lots of Geraniums in pots. Mine get time release fertilizer when I plant them and nothing else except a bit of water soluable 15-30-15 near the end of summer when the time release is done. Before I started using time release fertilizer I used the water soluable every 3rd watering.

Whatever you use it should be a balanced fertilizer. Too much nitrogen and you'll get nothing but leaves

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Thanks for the tip about avoiding too much nitrogen.

Does the brand of time release matter? Which brand did you use?

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I have used Smartcote and CIL time release. I used Smart cote the year before last and I found a good deal on CIL last year, so I stocked up. I couldn't see any difference between the years, so I don't think it really matters. This year I used CIL again. They are all a balanced fertilizer, with all fairly equal numbers.

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Many thanks for the names. I searched for both and couldn't find a US source. I'm going to try ebay next.

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