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Campanula UK Z8June 22, 2012

anyone grow any hybrids of G.incanum x G.robustum. I am loving my rambling robin but bought it as a roadside stall and know very little about it - fabulous grey glaucous lacinate foliage and gently drooping bell shaped flowers. Suspect it has hardiness issues but has come through a dodgy east anglian winter in the UK.

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"fabulous grey glaucous lacinate foliage and gently drooping bell shaped flowers"

Sounds pretty! How are your plants doing now?

I see you are from the UK so took a peek at your profile. Perhaps the distance in geography might be why people haven't responded?

You say you and your partner are beginning a new adventure on 5 acres.

How is that coming along? Hopefully well!

Any chance you could share an adventure or two with the friendly folks here at the GW? Thanks.

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Campanula UK Z8

Ho yes, have been rambling on myself about this woodland lark - what a precipitous learning curve this is going to be.
But, on geraniums, the RR group are G.incanum/G.robustum hybrids and are really very easy to grow from seed. Silver Cloak is one of the variety names and seeds can be got from Plantworld.

Growing geraniums (or any other plants) from seed is surprisingly easy - certainly no special heat or light requirements, nice big seeds for station or module sowing and some rather unusual types (I especially like the less hardy maderense and palmatum)
The downside is no sterile (long blooming) plants such as the famed Rozanne........but plain old wallichianum including a pink variety, Syabru is available. And of course, this wood of 5 acres (of thuggish weeds) will have to be planted from seeds since I am now quite broke (ha).

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