Has anyone had success with Peonies here?

rjingaMarch 14, 2008

I'm near Macon...I got one tuber? at the end of the season and it's now spouted up about 6 inches or so, and it's in a pot for now...I'll be able to move it soon...the area I'm considering is on the North facing side of our house...next to my Greenhouse, so it would actually be on the South facing side of the GH...

And it will be going into a raised bed planted that I put up around the GH...with amended soil and the good ole GA red clay underneath...this clayish soil IS VERY fertile however, so it should be ok.

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First off I heard they don't like being moved.

Next, I'm not really a peony or rose person( I veer towards gladiolus and Iris flowers)

However, my neighboors have the BEST peonies, I mean blooms 6 inches across and extremely attractive flowers...

THey just aren't my thing... good luck. They plant them by the mail boxes in full or almost full sun and must fertilize or something

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My Peonies have done fine since I moved them several years ago to get more sun. Mulch over for winter and you should have no problems.I get more blooms and bigger plants every year.Your plants are ahead of mine here in Marietta as mine are just showing above ground this past week. Here's a bloom from last year.

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OH YEAH...I'm so inspired now....and the spot I had in mind for them is a good sunny spot. I cant wait to get it going.

I love roses and I have always dreamed of peonies...might be a childhood thing. My grandma always had them and they were so beautiful to me. I have lived in So. Cal for the past 15 years and they dont grow there...so now I can finally have them. I got this one tuber for like $1.50 at Wally World...marked down, because no one knew what it was :)

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