If you can't get a truffle pig, get a morel kid

esthermgrMarch 24, 2010

I've trained my children that if they see a mushroom that looks like brains on a stalk they are to alert me posthaste! They're closer to the ground- maybe they'll spot some morels this year :) Any other crazy mamas out there teaching their kids to forage?

(disclaimer: don't worry- they are under strict and graphic warnings to never eat wild mushrooms.)

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Hahahha...nope...they picked raspberries, blackberries and grapes last year....most play in the yard...

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Good luck to you if you're successful. The young ones on our street seem to be more interested in the high-tech stuff. I'm so worried they're going to ruin their hearing. Seriously, I think it's great that you're trying to get your children involved in nature at an early age. They'll be so grateful for it later on in life.

Hummmm...My child is grown (mid-30s) & living in CO. He loves the outdoors. I wonder if I could train him by email to collect seeds for me. He actually thanks me today for making him listen to my music when he was younger. (We'd take turns picking the radio station in the car.) Perhaps, he'll thank me when he has kids for teaching him to love plants and seeds. LOL!

I was young once and regret that I didn't soak up as much information as I could from my dad and grandparents while I had the chance...all have now passed on to a better place. They could grow anything!

Regardless, I, myself will be looking for mushrooms that looks like brains on a stalk. Yes, I'm on a mission.


The boss thinks that times are going to get really, really bad in the future. I've been passing along info to him that I've learned from the GW. He never considered the fact that we could survive off plants in the woods across the street if we had to do it????

The things I learn on GW. It's amazing!!!

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Do Morels grow in the south?

We used to pick them all the time when I lived up north but I have never seen them down here except in the high end grocery stores.

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I'm told there are morels here, though I've yet to see one with my own eyes. I remain hopeful. My two holy grails: a truly mom-friendly law firm and backyard morels. I'm beginning to think I have a better chance of finding the latter, in this decade at least.

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LOL esthermgr, I used to work for a lawf firm, I think you might be right on finding morels in your backyard first.

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