How Hardy Are Scented-Geraniums?

tree_planter(z9 CA)June 24, 2004

How hardy are scented-geraniums? I just moved to an area that sometimes goes down to the mid 20's in winter and I am wondering whether they need a sheltered spot, to be brought indoors in winter, or if just growing them in the open is OK.

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melrt968(u.k. scotland)

Scented Geraniums (Pelargoniums) are frost tender and must be kept at winter temperatures of about 5 degrees Celsius. When you mention winter temperatures in the mid 20's are you meaning Celsius or Fahrenheit. Mid 20's Celsius no problem that is a pleasant summer day here in UK, mid 20's Fahrenheit means plants must be brought indoors before frosts.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Mine do fine moved onto a semi protected porch (roof, enclosed on two sides) in this Z8....MOST winters. I did lose them to an ice storm after 5 years this last January. When we have temps predicted down into the low 20s and teens, I toss an old tablecloth over them for the night. And, I do cut them back in late Fall so they don't become broken by one of our coastal storms, then cut them back again and feed them in early March.

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Hi. Just wondering if any of you would be willing to share some cuttings of your scented geraniums with me when you cut them back. I find I can root them pretty well. I'm blind and love fragrant plants. Scented geraniums are my favorites because there are so many kinds. I could pay postage if you would be interested. Thahnks. Tresa

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melrt968(u.k. scotland)

Hi Tresa,
I am on the wrong side of the Atlanic Ocean to send you cuttings. I share your love of fragant flowers scented pellies, lavenders and clove carnations are my favourites. Among my favourite scented pellies are 'Frensham' and 'Orange Fizz'. I am sure that some of the GW members will respond to your request.
Best wishes,

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tree_planter(z9 CA)

Yes, Tresa, I can send you cuttings of my scented-geraniums. On one condition, though--I think you will have to teach me how to package them! Thanks for offering to pay the postage. :-) I only have rose-scented and lemon -scented right now. I am planning to get others in the future but not yet. Anyway, thanks everyone for the info. (I had meant F not C for the temperature--I forget that most of the world is progressive and uses Celcius now! LOL)

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According to the books, they can survive down to 35*F. Last year I got lazy and left mine outside until we had a hard frost. All the leaves dropped. Oh, no! But I got the plantmass indoors and they came back. And this year they bloomed, for the first time ever. One nursery that sells them says that scented pelargoniums need winter nighttime temps below 60*F to bloom the next year. Apparently my laziness did the trick :-)

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Pelargoniums can tolerate considerably colder temperatures than they are given credit for. They will be damaged much below freezing, but will recover as long as the crown and roots aren't frozen.

Take any any hardiness data in any publication with a grain of salt, it can be difficult to tell if the death of the plant in question was the result of cold or root rot (a problem with many tender plants in Britain's mild but damp climate).


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Hi! I live in So. San Francisco Ca about 20 min from the beach. I had a rose scented geranium planted on the south side of my Trailer and it went wild. That side got the most warm sun plus it bounced of the metal. But I've moved into a home now and they do really well all year her but being nervous on nites that they predict frost I put a card board box over them till it warms up. Marisa

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