Did I buy a bad pot??

beasteeJune 4, 2013

Hello, I just bought my first indoor Geranium plant. I have read that they really need drainage holes - I bought a flower pot that has one in the bottom, but also has a built in saucer connected to it - one that allows the water to seep down into a small space below the pot itself, but not outside the pot. Now I am worried it won't get enough drainage, has anyone had a bad time with this issue before?

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Do not plant geranium in a pot that has poor drainage. Geraniums like to be grown on the dry side. I plant them in pots on my south facing patio. They get full sun all day and I occasionally forget to water them. They thrive where other plants would wither and die. When I do water I make sure they are thoroughly wet then let them dry out.

If you are keeping this plant indoors then you will have to watch that you don't water them too much

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A couple of concerns - unless a water plant, any plant grown in a container/flower pot needs good drainage. I dislike so-called 'self-watering' pots or those with attached saucers because leaving a pot - even with good drainage - sitting in a dish of water allows that water to wick back up into the potting medium. And this impedes drainage. When you water this pot, allow the water to drain through then promptly empty the saucer of any accumulated water.

Also I gotta know.....what exactly is an "indoor" geranium? Never encountered one so labeled.

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Gardengal has it....anytime you use a pot that a saucer is connected to it....when you water do so to drainage.
Then do not let the water sit in the saucer more than 10 - 15 minutes otherwise the water that drained out of the pot...iincluding some of the salts it contained, are drawn back up around the roots which adds to their moisture level.
Do this often, the plant will stop drinking....even if it cries out for it...the lower leaves will be your first sign of trouble.

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