Need ID - lime green flowers?

paulina456June 17, 2013

I was given a plant by a friend (they didn't know what it was) - it looks to me like a hardy geranium, but I can't seem to find a name or picture anywhere.
The leaves are solid green and broad (water droplets look beautiful sitting on them) and it has a couple of stems with sprays of tiny lime green flowers. It has a bit of a rambling habit, much like my "Rozanne" but the leaf shape is more similar to a zonal geranium.
It seems to be doing well in part shade and living under some larger plants.
I planted it out last fall and forgot about it until I saw it come back this spring and it is so adorable!
I know this is a pretty vague description, so I will try to post a picture tonight - was hoping someone might have an idea what it could be?
Thank you!

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Patty zone 5

How about Ladies Mantle?

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That's it! Thanks so much!

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Patty zone 5

It was your comment about the water droplets looking beautiful on them that made me think of Ladies Mantle. :)

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