white powder and holes on leaves

swhitchJune 24, 2009

Hello. I have two big window boxes with geraniums just planted on mothers day. one box gets more sun and is doing fine. the other first started showing a white powdery substance on the leaves and then some light tan spots began to appear. those spots then became actual holes through the leaves. there has been no bloom on this window box of geraniums. i thought maybe over feeding so i am just giving water and no plant food. i thouhgt snails but i havent seen any indication of them having been there. i have seen snail damage and this looks not as sporadic as what ive experienced. any ideas/suggestions?

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I think you have powdery mildew and need to spray the plants with a fungicide. Even if it's not powdery mildew it is some fungal disease, so a fungicide is what you need

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