anybody gathering wild mushrooms?

esthermgrMarch 19, 2010

Anybody experienced at gathering wild edible mushrooms? Wanna let a newbie tag along so I don't kill myself and poison my mycophobic husband?

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

We don't yet, but I am hoping to go with a friend. He went on a mushroom gathering walk - they have several in the Spring, and a lecture too about them. Georgia Organics has been publicizing them, so look on their Events page.

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Thanks, GGG- I'll look into that. I keep waiting to see morels pop up in my back yard, but I guess I have to resign myself to the fact that that's not going to happen :)

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

At Oakhurst Gardens:
Introduction to Wild Mushrooming
Wild Mushroom hunting is becoming a popular natural pastime that allows participants to enjoy nature walks while learning about an often-ignored, but important aspect of nature. In this class by Mary Woehrel, founder and past president of the Mushroom Club of Georgia, you will learn: how mushrooms work; how to identify mushrooms in the most poisonous genus in North America; how to do a spore print; how to identify mushrooms by broad categories; how to use a mushroom field guide; and how to identify the "Foolproof Four"edible mushrooms.
Monday, April 12, 7pm ? 9pm

I might take it!

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Morels should be up within the next week or two right after this cold snap. Don't skip checking your backyard, last year I picked quite a few in mine. Here's one from April 7, 2009.

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I worked at Valdosta State University during the nationwide diaspora of inmates from our insane asylums, in other words, during the time that many of the mentally ill were released with one-way bus tickets to various Florida cities. Frequently, these newly freed men and women would get off the bus in Valdosta to enjoy its Florida-like climate. Sometimes they would camp out in the city's public parks indefinitely. One of them--a Mr. Lark--fancied mushrooms as a culinary delicacy. It was not uncommon to see him gathering mushrooms from the many fairy-rings on the lawns at Valdosta State University. One day--to everyone's horror--he took his mushroom bounty into the first-floor men's room to gourmandize upon them. When the poor man failed to emerge from the public facilities in a reasonable amount of time, a library employee ventured into that restroom to check on him. To everyone's horror, Mr. Lark was discovered prostrate on the floor, deathly ill, with a great issue of blood pouring from one of his orifices. Thankfully, amidst the pandemonium, someone had the presence of mind to dial 911. The paramedics arrived just in the nick of time to rush the Galloping Gourmet to the South Georgia Regional Medical Center, where, fortunately, he was snatched from the Jaws of Death. The moral of this story is be careful what you ingest. As Flannery O'Connor says, "The life you save may be your own."

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eek! I am trying to be very very careful. That's why I want an experienced mycophile to teach me the ropes, instead of just relying on the numerous field guides on my shelf. A couch mushroom hunter is probably a dead mushroom hunter. And since I have small kids I can't risk the whole "Try a little and see if you die" philosophy that I read in many of the guides.

I do have dreams of finding morels in the back yard. I have several mature oaks, nut trees, and pines, and I'm hoping that one of those suckers is getting cozy with some useful mycelium. The very few edible (I think) types I've found so far are less than "choice"- some jelly types, one or two of those shaggy white tree ones that look like polar bear claws, etc. Nothing that calls out for butter.

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GGG, maybe I'll see you in that class at Oakhurst. It looks like just my sort of thing.

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