DIsappointed in Hardy Gardenia

butterfly4uJuly 9, 2007

Hi all,

I bought a Grifts Select hardy gardenia and it is doing fine in a tera cota pot in full sun, it just keeps blooming for a couple of months now...

it doesn't smell.

I have to pull a flower off to get any scent at all.

How disappointing.

The flowers are small single flowers, not especially attractive, but the foliage is a beautiful dark green.

My neighbors japanese honeysuckle smells heavenly on a hot night, but this gardenia plant doesn't smell at all.

That was the only reason I wanted a gardenia.

I was at a local nursery about 2 months ago and there was a tall gardenia plant with gorgeous double flowers that smelled so strong I noticed the plant by the smell.

It was $60.00. Oh well.

I don't know if I am going to bother to keep this plant.

I will have to bring it in, along with my beautiful hibs and mandeville vine, and I really don't think it is worth the "space" if you know what I mean.

Does anyone have a hardy gardenia that smells good?

(without having to pick off a flower to smell it?)

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My Kleim's Hardy was quite fragrant, when it bloomed last year . . .
this year it's been sickly and loosing leaves, as if it never quite recovered from winter, despite decent care.

I suspect full sun may be too much for your gardenia right now; a little afternoon shade may help, and a light fertilizer with micronutrients (i.e. an organic like seaweed) might give it the juice to start putting out better scent. Don't give up just yet!


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Jim, are you growing your Kleim's outside yr round? Or bringing indoors in winter?
I can't imagine any true gardenia being hardy to cold climates like ours..please explain?
I realize gardenias like cool temps, but I can't imagine them growing in 0F temps..how does it work?

Butterfly, again I've never heard of a hardy gardenia for our cold zones..where are they sold? Is there a website that sells these plants? and/or give information?
I'm wondering if what you have is a true jasmine. You know how confusing common names are. For instance, most ppl who purchase Orange Jasmine (Murraya) think they're buying a jasmine when in fact it's related to citrus.
There's also a perrenial bush that grows here in z5 called Mock Orange..sends out little white fragrant flowers, but is NOT related to Oranges..Toni

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Thank you for the encouragement, mabey a little fertiziler will work for it.
Yours smells good? Well, at least there is hope.
Check out this link below for Grifts Select Hardy Gardenia,
This is the one that I have.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grifts Select Hardy Gardenia

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Butterfly, I see it's only hardy from z6..oh well, that's out for me..LOL
They do mention it has a fragrance, but if you note it's in small lettering on the bottom of page..I'm wondering why they didn't post this on top..don't you find that odd? I'd be suspicious, but I'm suspicious by nature..lol

It's a very pretty plant though..Is it in flower now? or do temps have to drop a bit first? Toni

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It has been blooming for a couple months now, it started in May.
For me, the reason I bought it was for the fragrance.
The flower isn't as pretty as a regular gardenia, but it is pretty.
I am going to feed it again and see if it lives through the winter being mulched heavily.
I really don't want to bring it inside due to the fact that I have tropicals to bring in also, that are awesome, like my Hibs and Mandeville.
I don't think these hardy gardenias smell the way the tropical ones do, but you can't have everything I guess.

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longriver(SF Bay Area)

It is very hard to believe that your Gardenia is not fragrant. However there is a possibility. Some flowers tend to produce the fragrant flowers but the duration of the fragrance is very short. After the flower is fully open, the fragrance becomes decimal.

I have some new fragrant camellias. When the flower is open, it has no fragrance. After one day of "fermentation" the fragrance will be emerging very derirable.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

My 'Kleim's Hardy' is very fragrant but the fragrance doesn't surround the plant or scent the air very far from the plant. My Gardenia radicans doesn't throw scent either.

I have Oriental hybrid lilies 'Bahia Blanca' that are throwing scent twenty feet from the plants.

Not all fragrant plants "throw" their scent. Most of my Daphnes don't either though D. odora does.

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snasxs(7-8 VA)

I think the *throwing" of their fragrance has to do with environmental factors.

I have a shrub. In some years, when it is cool and overcast, their fragrance travels far and strong. It may be too powerful for some.

Other years, when it is dry and hot, or when the plant is not particularly happy during the blooming period, their fragrance are confined near the bushes.

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Not sure if this is the same one, but the logees 'hardy gardenia' is struggling at the moment, but still living. It seems to be recovering actually, probably because I'm ignoring it totally! :)

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