Finals, and Doubles and Unexpected

organic_kitten(8)July 16, 2013

Several Re-bloomers had their last one:

SC Black Velvet Baby:

SC Devil's Eye:

NOID Beauty:


Delayed Arrival:

Texas Carnival Dance:

Bubble Yummin Momma, Splotchy but showy:


Looked over and saw blooms on back side of bed; I hadn't noticed Sink Into Your Eyes had re-bloom scapes:

and, for Debra, Wall of Fire:


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What happened to Spacecoast Brazen Bandit this year? Last year, you heralded it as a star performer (and as a result, I decided to pick it up).

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Mantis, it is a star performer, and bloomed beautifully. It is one of my first ones to bloom. Unfortunately, a rose bush has it in full shade now, and I will be moving it. It did not re-bloom again, but had instant re-bloom.

Early blooms:


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Love SP Devil's Eye and your Noid it sure is sad to see blooms ending but on the positive side it gets kind of nice taking a break from taking photos, deadheading, keeping track of all the photos etc.

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NOID looks somewhat like Lavender Blue Baby.

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NOID is very pretty! I like Delayed Arrival too, and my favorite is Wall of Fire - what a beautiful color!

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I added Wall of Fire (probably because of your pics, Kay), and I saw a few blooms, but they never fully opened. I had a bunch of daylilies that were planted under a small pear tree. The pear tree grew and, of course, the daylilies now get too much shade. It looks like Wall of Fire deserves to be moved into a better spot.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I like WALL OF FIRE, too. nut that NOID one is mt very favorite.That is a beauty.


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SC Black Velvet Baby, Delayed Arrival and Wall Of Fire are my choices for today. Avedon

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Julia NY(6)

Nice group Kay. However BUBBLE YUMMIN MAMA would be my favorite of the group.


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Waitforspring(6 MA)

Delayed Arrival and Wall of Fire are my picks--love the delicate colors of the first and the beautiful bright color of the second.

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Thanks Nat4b. Chris, I imagine you will have to have it in full sun for Wall of Fire to open well. It is a large bloom. For all of you who liked it, this is the first time it has re-bloomed. I am so glad it did, because the slugs were all over it until I got the Sluggo, so it wasn't so pretty then.

Linda, Devil's eye is a favorite, and I had a surprise today. i had posted the last picture of Purple Honey Creeper's re-bloom blooms, and found it has started putting up a third set of blooms!
Avedon and Val, Delayed Arrival was a bonus, but it is a really good late one.
Julia, until Bubble Yummin Momma started re-blooming, I was getting rid of it, but it has bloomed so well, it earned another year.
Avedon, Black Velvet Baby looks like velvet. the pictures are never as dark as it is to the naked eye.
Jean, I don't keep many NOIDs, but I still hope to eventually find out what it is.

I really appreciate your looking and commenting.


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shive(6b TN)

I was all set to pick SC Black Velvet Baby as my favorite, but then I saw the Wall of Fire photo. So they tie for best in my eyes.


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