What do plumerias smell like?

flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)July 30, 2005

I know I know it can be hard to describe florals but a try? For example I think acidanthera is reminiscent of soap and or suntan lotion with a bit of floral ambiguity. Tuberose is of course deep and heady reminiscent of gardenia and or jasmine but slightly cleaner than gardenia but with the characterisitc "heaviness" or powderiness of some of those tropical white florals. Dianthus is spicy (clovey) and floral. Lilies (oriental) are sharp heady and spicy, almost sting your nose (but I love them). Honeysuckle is sweet.... very sweet like a nectar scent with touches of greenness and fruitiness.... So what does plumeria smell like? I've never "smelt" one in person. :)

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fabkebab(z8B Houston)

Plumeria - to me- smells like newly cut peaches- perhaps very very sweet peaches as there isnt any bitter element

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angelsmell(Fullerton, CA 1)

I have a few Plumerias but it's hard to describe, when I went to Maui I stayed at a Hotel where the grounds were a Plumeria plantation, when we would come home at night it was very warm and humid and all you could smell was the plumeria blooms...... it was very strong and very heavenly.
It's hard to describe, have you ever smelled plumeria oil or lotion in a store? We have a a hawaiian store in our mall that carries all the same items they sell on the Hawaiian islands. It has a soft tropical scent that is like any other, it's not obnoxious, here is an article I found on the internet to describe the scent also I included a picture of my plumeris that is in bloom. The Plumeria blossoms would fall from the tree and land on the ground I would go collect them and float them in a bowl to fill the room at the condo we were staying at, it was woderful

The Plumeria flower fragrances can be described as the fragrance of the sweetest smelling rose. The fragrance is so powerful you can smell it almost from anywhere in the garden on a warm balmy evening. The flower is a tropical soapy soft smell. Smells like Hawaii to me.


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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

It depends on which plumeria you get. Some have a citrus scent, some have a jasmine scent, some have a coconut scent, some have a chocolate scent, some have a rosey scent, etc. I have found that the common yellows that I've grown had a citrusy scent. You can actually pop by the Plumeria Forum and ask around regarding which ones people have and what scent they get from them to find one that you might like.

I had one called "Hurricane" that I swear smelled like a Mounds bar!

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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

So they can all smell different? Hmmmm :)

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Flowersandthings - do come on over to the Plumeria Forum. Check out the neat blooms in the Gallery section of the Plumeria Forum.


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Arl_Tom(z7A VA)

This list comes from a posting on the Maui Plumeria Gardens Forum. I can only attest to 'Vera Cruz Rose' which really does smell like a rose.

Lemon/Citrus/Fruity Scent:

Lemon Drop - lemon scent
Thornton Lemon Drop - lemon scent
Celadine - Citrus Scent
Aztec Gold - peaches
Singapore - lemon, bitter lemon
Keane - lemon
Apricot Delight - lemon
Dwarf Deciduous - lemon
Kimo - lime
Bill Moragne - grape koolaid
Pink Pansy - grape koolaid
Lemon Chiffon - strong lemon, sweeter than Singapore
Intense Rainbow - peaches
Pink Kiss - Apricots, Sweet Olive, Osmanthus fragrans

Gardenia Scent:

Gardenia Plumeria
Charlotte Ebert
Tahitian Sunset

Floral Scent:

Dean Conklin - carnation
OZ plumie-'Seldom Seen'
San Germain - like honeysuckle
Just Peachy
Yolanda's White - Night Blooming Jesamine, Cestrum nocturnum

Rose Scent:

Vera Cruz Rose, stronger than Guillot's Sunset
Guillot's Sunset
Charlotte Ebert

Coconut Scent:

Miami Rose
Charlotte Ebert
Scott Pratt - spicy coconut
Nellie's White - jasmine to coconut

Spicy Scent:

India - nutmeg
Grove Farm - nutmeg
Negril - cloves
Kauka Wilder
Cancun Pink - cinnamon
Scott Pratt - spicy coconut

Strong Unique Scent:

Grove Farm
Mele PA Bowman
San Germain - like honeysuckle
Lemon Chiffon - strong lemon
Bali Whirl

Here is a link that might be useful: Maui Plumeria Gardens Forum

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

flowersandthings - yep, different ones smell different AND some of the same variety may not have a scent at all. Sometimes the environmental conditions impact them...

Arl_Tom - great list!

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I grew up in India with memories of plumeria scents where most of them smell of strong tropical floral perfume. I wanted something a little more fresh and a little less spicy and the one that fit the bill for me was Lemon Courtade. Smells like a tall fresh lemon squash drink on a hot summer's day. Love, love, love it!

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