fragrance of Madagascar jasmine

minnie3(z9 CA)July 12, 2005

I bought one recently not in bloom. I went back to the same nursery a month later and they had flowering specimens which had no scent. Will I get any scent on mine?


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I've never heard of a non-scented stephanotis, unless it was in the shade when you sniffed and the fragrance was very faint. The only way to find out is to wait and see; it's surprising how much of a difference in fragrance can exist between two plants of the exact same species, but I'll bet yours is scented.

Good luck, and let us know how you like it!


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I just bought this plant and was planing to plant it outdoor in the ground but ran into some information online that this plant need a min winter temperature of 65F. I am concerned. In Bay Area where I live, sometimes the temperature gets down to 30F. Hema, you live in Z9, right? So do I. Do you have your madagascar jasmine planted outdoor?

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I grew Stephanotis in the Bay Area (Walnut Creek)for at least 10 years. It was potted and would die back in the winter and regrow in the spring with the main growth mid to late summer. I now live in the San Joaquin Valley and it still survives, but takes longer to come back. Colder winters I guess.

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The fragrance is usually noticed during the early morning and evening hours.
If it is just a few blooms on a plant don't hesitate to get close with your nose ;-]

Ankrara's Hobby Corner

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Sgade(z11 CA USA)

I live in San Diego and have several Stephanotis vines in pots. They are beautiful and die back a bit in winter, especially with the frost, but come spring they grow full blast with some tender loving care. The blooms are strongly scented when they first open and as they age the fragrance disappears, even though the flowers are still present and relatively beautiful!

I have a question about seed you leave them on the vine or take them off? I've had about 5 of them and they're pretty big by the time I see them nestled in the foliage. I've cut a couple of them off and let them dry out...the seeds are gorgeous with fluffy white "stuff" that I'm sure are to help them fly away! Should I continue to cut the pods off or leave them on? Are the seeds difficult to start? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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With many plants, cutting the pods off while still green leaves more energy for the plant to produce more flowers, but since stephanotis seems to be a seasonal bloomer for a lot of N. American growers -- correct me if I'm wrong, here, folks! -- I don't think it will make much of a difference. I've never started asclepiads from seed, but I don't think they're that hard to start, but they would definitely benefit from a heating coil or bottom warmth and moist, but not wet mix. Good luck!


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I bought a Stephanotis about 3 months ago, and I have a seed pod on it now. I want to know, what do I do with this seed pod, do I leave it on to dry up or do I take it off and soak it in some water. I would greatly appreciate any info that someone can give me.

Thanks! Karen

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I would also greatly appreciate any information on the stephanotis seed pods. I have several on my vine and I would like to know how to plant them.

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Cal_22 and Nana2006 ;-

Wait for the pods to become somewhat shriveled looking in appearance and the green color will also turn to tan then you can pick them off the plant.
After picking them off, put them in a brown paper bag and close then store it in a warm place if you plan to sow them in spring. The seeds germinate
easy when sowed in a well nurturing mix, lightly covered, in a well light location and the soil is kept moist.

Watch out when first opening the bag as the seed has a furry white thingy attached and it will easily flow away in a slight breeze. There are lots of seeds
in a seed pod.

Hope this helps.

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I can't help with the questions about seeds since I haven't seen any yet, but I have successfully grown Stephanotis here in the East Bay by planting it up next to my house (in the ground, not in a pot) on the more sheltered side of the house. It did absolutely wonderful there, no winter dieback at all. So if you can get the right microclimate for it, you can grow it in a colder zone than it's supposed to be good for.

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I started stephanotis plants from seeds and gave a couple to a friend. He claims there is no fragrance whatsoever from the blooms that developed from the plants. Can anyone tell me what causes this problem? We live in southern California and know that this plant supposedly puts out one of the most fragrant smells.

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Maybe someone here can help me..My Steph is about 17 yrs old..It sits in an upstairs west window, watered adequately, (never soggy) fed regularly, misted and showered..but it doesn't bloom..Is there anything else I can do?
Which fertlizer works best? Should I use blooming? What type of soil does it prefer, acidic, alk? Thanks, Toni

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the trick with stephanotis is a cool, dry rest in winter: bright light, no fertilizer, very little water -- you can almost neglect it -- and then gradually increase in spring as the new growth comes out, and don't prune until after it flowers. It doesn't have any real soil preferences that I know of.

Don't know about lack of fragrance from seedlings, although I believe it's usually propagated by cuttings in the trade. Has your friend let other folks take a sniff test, and has he tried light fertilizer?

At the nursery where I'm working there's an 8ft tall stephanotis trellis loaded with buds -- can't wait 'til they open!


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Jim, thanks..
In winter, the Steph stays in the bathroom window and treated as a semi-dormant other words, it's only watered when soil is dry and I withhold fertilizer.
Since it's never flowered I don't know whether or not to's growing on a home-made trellis made from a wire hanger..LOL..

I purchased this plant as a baby, and when I say baby, I mean was quite small, and arrived w/o foliage. After a while I had in a little pot' it was just a be honest I couldn't ID fact, I thought it was some type of Croton. Then I started taking better care, fed and Superthrived, and before I knew it, it shot out foliage. When it grew larger, that's when I added trellis and placed in bathroom, where humidity is high and light is very bright, in fact direct. Being on the second floor makes it brighter..
So because it's never flowered, do you recommend pruning? If so, can I root the cuttings?
Oh you are sooo lucky..that 8' tall Steph is going to smell heavenly. Is it in a container? If so, what size is the pot? Thanks, Toni

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the stephanotis I have now I bought about 3 yrs ago. up until this year, the fragrance on the flowers has not been detectable. it is blooming now (only 3 clusters ) and the scent is very strong. the past winter it was in the house at a bright window with very late afternoon sun. since spring it has been in the sunroom with strong west sun. I have never pruned it. it has been fed a balanced fertilizer, then high mid number one. i spray it once in a while.
the one I had before this one (it died for some unknown reason) the flowers had no fragrance that i can detect.


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Sue, when you bought the 'steph' was it in flower? If so, did they have fragrance?
You're not the first person who has mentioned this problem. I wonder if there's another version that's unscented..Strange..Toni

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hello, Toni, yes, it was in flower but it had no scent. I had bought it anyways because I am a total addict to difficult plants. this is the first time it has scent.


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Did anyone ever find an answer for this?

My mother bought a Stephanotis for me as a present and before I saw it I recognized it from its smell. There were a few clusters of flowers but a few days ago fragrance is completely gone. Any clue to have long lasting smell?

This is the only discussion I have found over the net about non-scented Stephanotis so if someone has ever got a clue that is the best place to share :)

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A couple of ideas on the mysterious non-scented stephanotis:

1. Given its native habitat, I'll bet its scent is strongest in direct sunlight; in lower light it may bloom but the scent may be weak, or the flowers may be hidden under the leaves and not get the warmth they need. Low humidity also often strangles scent, especially the desert-like air of most centrally-heated homes. Try spraying the plant with a spray bottle, wait a few minutes, and re-sniff.

2. It could be a lack of nutrients in the soil, but I don't think so, since stephanotis, like its close relatives the hoyas, do best in rather poor soil. Too much fertilizer makes 'em grow faster but without blooms; I've never heard of overfertilizing affecting fragrance.

3. Seed grown plants, like other children, don't always take after their parents, so I expect there may be some plants out there who didn't inherit a strong fragrance. My understanding is that plants grown from the trade are grown from cuttings, so they should all be nicely smelly.

4. Finally, there's the human element; different folks smell things differently. I know for a fact that some people don't smell osmanthus much at all, while others (including me) could inhale all day. It's possible that some people just may not catch the scent that much; to check if this is the case, drag your friends and neighbors over and do a sniff test, preferably around noon when the sun is shining.

If everyone reports their findings, we could have the first empirical fragrance study of stephanotis!


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jimshy thanks for the reply. All flower buds on my stephanotis is now fallen off. I believe it is due to the season. I will wait till spring and with the new flower buds, I will try to find out whether the fragrance is dependent on time, light and humidity. Thank you..

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

When I was a florist, I used it often in wedding bouquets and it always had fragrance when I opened the packages but didn't always still have it when the bride walked down the aisle.

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