Pelargoniums in Canada

clayandrocksandnosun(3-4)June 23, 2010

Now that I have discovered a new passion, where do you go in Canada for your pelargonium fix?

Or who ships to Canada from elsewhere?

And although I have limited stuff for trades, I'd love to swap cuttings....maybe for handknits (my other passion)....

Lizz, Ottawa, Canada.

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You needn't stick to buying plants or cuttings. Geraniums are very easy to grow from seed. It takes 4 months from seed to blooming plant. If you had a light set up you could grow many different varieties from seed and it is easier and cheaper to ship seeds than plants. Besides many US companies sell seed to Canada and because of restrictions, they can't ship plants.

I have ordered seed from a few Us companies and many Canadian ones

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I hadn't really considered seed, but I do have the gear...

I may never get that light stand out of the kitchen.

Any recommendations regarding suppliers or varieties?

I love the blue-red and magenta through burgundy shades....

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