Scented geranium blooming

cutterpup(z7MD)June 26, 2005

Hi all. i have a scented Geranium that has bloomed. I've had this plant for three years. Last winter I left it on the enclosed porch..temps got down to freezing but no moisture or wind. Once it warmed up I put it outside. I've had scented geraniums on and off for over ten years and this is the first time I've seen one bloom.


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cantstopgardening(Zone 4/5 WI)

Neat-o!! What scent is your pelargonium?

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It's a citronella type of lemon. The flowers are small and pink. I never thought I'd ever have the conditions right for it to bloom. This past winter I left it on the unheated porch along with two large ficus, a norfolk island pine and the regular geraniums, begonias and a bougenvalia. The bougie has bloomed as well.

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cantstopgardening(Zone 4/5 WI)

I'm going to have to get some scented pelargoniums someday. They are very interesting. I have a similiar porch, that stays above freezing if I open the bathroom window that leads into that room. I kept a hibiscus going in there this past winter. Might have to try a 'bougie' too!


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melrt968(u.k. scotland)

Four citrus scented Pelargoniums that I think are worth growing:
1) 'Mabel Gray': superb lemon scent but tricky to propagate.
2) 'Frensham': excellent lemon scented variety easy to propagate, flowers freely.
3) 'Orange Fizz': Free flowering citrus scented variety.
4) 'Concour Lace': Less heavily scented than the others but has lovely small pink flowers

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cantstopgardening(Zone 4/5 WI)

Thanks Ron, I'll look for those. Of course, my three house rabbits will have some say-so in what I get. The plants will share the sunroom space with the three fuzz-butts. (And rabbits love pelargoniums. It's a simbiotic relationship. Pelargoniums love rabbit droppings ;-)

Concout lace sounds intriguing.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

I have a number of them, they winter indoors. I usually get some blooms when they've been outside long enough; but most are tiny, small-petaled affairs. Nothing to hold your breath waiting for. I like them for the interesting leaf forms (as well as the scent, of course).

Did you know they repel mosquitos? I keep a ring of them on my deck, and have anyone who is a mosquito victim (they don't bite me) sit inside the ring, so they can still be outside in the evening and enjoy the garden.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Heres my lavender secnted one blooming:

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'orange fizz' and 'ginger' - delish! and orange fizz has lovely flowers too, big for a scented.

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cantstopgardening(Zone 4/5 WI)

earthnut- delish??? Are you a Philip A Craig fan? (JW & Zeeolinda Jackson on Martha's Vineyard) I am!!!

You know, this year at fair, (where I bring bushel baskets of flowers and plants to decorate around our buildings,) I spent a lot of time with one of our fair announcers, who is blind. He had heard I brought all those flowers, and kindly asked questions about them. I started to think more about making my flower baskets 'accessable' to more than just sighted individuals. Especially since this gent and many others, spend so many hours making our fair great. I usually put a basket out by the fair office trailer to thank those folks, and that's where this gentleman is usually at, making announcements. Maybe next year's bushel baskets should have some scented pellies. I definitely want to put Lamb's ear, in there, and some Elijah's blue fescue or prairie dropseed for touch appeal, as well.

The greenhouse just up the road from me has a great selection; maybe I should go do a little shopping.

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