Fertilizer and pot size?

birdsnbloomsJune 20, 2008

Which fertilizers work best with Geraniums? Flowering or All Purpose? Also, how often does everyone apply?

I've been using dilluted All Purpose 20-20-20 one a month.

One other thing. My geraniums are growing in round, clay bowls. 14" diameter. The bowls are shallow. They're all doing great in these bowls, but I'd like to see them grow larger. If I keep them confined to these bowls, will this prevent growth?

I'm pretty sure one bowl is root bound, the second was started in spring, with additionaly geraniums set into this bowl, plus a newer plant to add. Thanks, Toni

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I apply Osmocote 14-14-14 as a top dressing 2 tablespoons to a 12" pot in May and again in July. You could use the same amount in your 14" pot. I also apply 15-15-15 in water 1/2 strength with every watering. Triple 20 is ok but I would apply it more often since geraniums are strong feeders. I don't like to grow geraniums in shallow bowls. Geraniums like to grow deep roots... Bob.

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Bob, you're absolutely right..I'm going to purchase soil, then repot in a taller, clay pot. Geraniums are outgrowing bowls anyway.
I have 20-20-20 fert so that'll have to do..In winter, when days are still sunny I'll apply half of recommended dossage..Thanks, Toni

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The 20/20/20...is a foliage inviter to grow; it is not prescribed for a flowering annual until AFTER bloom time.
The people at Scott's...the makers of Miracle Gro know this and they ...in good sense, produce a fertilizer to promote flowers.....15/30/15.

Don't believe? Just put 'about fertilizers' into your browser window...and follow the yellow brick road.

The 15/30/15 with its higher phosphurus feeds plants to encourage roots and flowering.
The 20 pushes growth....lots of green is what it is told to do.
AFTER flowering, then we wish to promote growth and hardiness. That is the job of higher nitrogen.....thus the increased ratio.

You can go lower in amounts of the elements...by applying a 10/10/10.....but you would have to increase the intervals of feeding.

The Miracle Gro....as it says on the label, is prescribed to feed a plant every 10 days to 2 weeks during the flowering season.
Many plants are heavy feeders that do well only because you feed them well. Most annuals are hungry for food because they produce many flowers all season long.

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Hi Jeannie..Thanks for the information..Which fertilizer do you use? And how often do you apply?
Since you're in Ontario, (cold like IL) do you fert in winter? Depending on window,(sun) some Geraniums send out growth AND flowers in winter.

Another thing. My Geraniums were small when purchased.. About (3-4 yrs old.) 2 years ago I repotted in 14", clay, shallow pots. They do well, flower yr round, but would they be better off in tall pots?
Is it too late in the year to repot now? Actually, I'd like to get it over..bought new pots..taller, clay.

One more question..(S) Should faded flowers be deadheaded? This is hard to describe but I notice, when flowers fade, a long, thin, needle=like 'growth,?' growing off the flower stalk..Does anyone know what it is? Should it be removed? I'm afraid if I prune, it'll halt flowering..or is this an unfounded fear? Thanks for the help..Toni

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