pelargonium cuttings

bjames(6)June 6, 2009

After rooting a pelargonium cutting in water and potting it in soil, how moist should the soil be kept until the plantlet has adapted to its new environment in soil and is stable enough to allow the soil to somewhat dry between watering, as mature pelargoniums should be maintained?

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Here is a link that might be useful:

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Usually, I just stick my cuttings into a mix I make. (peat and verm.)
They usually root quickly. But when you root them in water, because they are used to the water, keep the soil mosit, not wet. (it may rot) Keep it moist until you see the plant get a new set of leaves. This will ensure you that the cutting is succesfull and can go off by itself.

Then after that, you can let it dry out between waterings.

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I have been taking cuttings for many years and this is how I do it. I take my cutting just below a leaf because the roots will form at the leaf node.I strip off all the leaves except the top 3 or 4. Then I lay them out on newspaper on my spare room floor for 5 days to callus over. The cut end will shrivel and scab over. Then I dip them in rooting hormone (for softwood cuttings)Dibble a hole in my thoroughly moistened (not overly wet) soil in my pots and drop it in and cover in. I keep them moist but not wet. You know they have rooted when they show new growth.

The callusing over cuts down on the incidence of blackleg--rotting of the cutting.

An excellent gardener told me years ago that cuttings rooted in water develop soft roots that fall off when it is transplanted into soil, and to root them in soil. I don't know if it is true but this way works for me.

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I forgot to add that the soil is not soil at all but a soilless mix. I use pro mix or one formulated for cuttings and seeds.

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