Hubby's ingenuity

flopsyMarch 25, 2008

A neighbor "loaned" us a small veggie garden spot to expand ours. Hubby and I, along with 8-year-old grandson, just finished planting some of the rows in corn, okra and squash. We planted by hand, but the handiest thing was this "planter" hubby designed. He took a piece of pvc pipe and a small plastic soft drink bottle, cut off the bottom of the bottle and put the top (minus lid, of course) down into the pipe and taped it in place. We dropped a couple seeds at a time into the bottle and with the other end of the pipe in the planting spot, the seeds fell right into place without having to bend over. For folks like me with back problems, it was a dandy solution. Just thought others might benefit.

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Thanks, it's a great idea!

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Wow! Ditto on being a great idea! I injured my back last summer and am still having problems...might just have to try that.

:) Beverly

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I used the same technique for applying milky spore grub control on our lawn. What a back saver!

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